Hello, May! We are swinging into summer with our fancy new website; put your feet up with a cup of tea or a cheeky mojito and give yourself a tour! It’s been months in the making and our web-tastic designer Rachel has worked her socks off to deliver a new interface that aims to please. It’s super user-friendly and makes shopping-till -ya-dropping as easy as A-B-C; just imagine it’s like a giant slip-and-slide where you pick up lots of lovely treats along the way (not of the ‘I’m a Celeb’ cyclone kind –if that’s what you’re thinking, we like to think it’s more garden party at 5 years old in your floral cossie with dad’s tarpaulin rolled down the garden slope).

So as our blooms are blooming, we’re doing a bit of growing ourselves. We’re branching out with some fabby dabby new cards for grown-ups and cards for lads too!  Kali’s fresh and sophisticated ‘Birds and Butterflies’ range takes super on-trend calligraphy by Kate Brockie and feathery birdies with words and wreaths.  Kali’s ‘lads-lads-lads’ cards by contrast use bright and blocky collage for the blokes;  with pilots, surfer dudes, and superheroes and for sons to cousins to grandpas!  Do take a peek by following the yellow brick road (link) on our home page.

It’s been a long dark winter and all this spring cleaning , the arrival of summer sun (finally!) and the out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new-website and is cheering us right up. We’re looking forward to long stretches of summer evenings. The studio is a little hive of activity and we’re like little summery elves taking care of business. The chickens and ducks are happy –they’ve got a lot going on, of course, but the longer days have meant they have a bit of free time for Netflix and chill. We have a new mascot to chirp us on each day –little Pippi the girly gosling. The dogs have adjusted into a new hierarchy with my little dog, Sybil, joining the gang for a little spell each week. Ruby-Tuesday is top guard-dog and makes sure we are all safe -what with the dangers of the forest surrounding us.  Figgy is a pudding and has taken little Syb under her wing. And the buzzards are back and forth for lunch each day. Life in the country sure is good.

We hope you love the new super-swish website, we’d love to hear what you think. And do head over to our social spots for social people where you can see all the goings on!