Hello, September! As the kids grumble about back-to-school-blues and parents frantically scour supermarkets for school trousers that end below their child’s knees after they’ve grown sheer metres in a mere 6 weeks of summer holidays, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that normality has, finally,  been reinstated. It’s been a surprisingly hot one, yet you can already feel the refreshing bite of crisper September mornings setting in.  What a lovely time of year.

We’ve had an exciting summer of creating, and all this sunshine has led the way for bouncy and bright new designs. Our Tiddly Widdly cards have proven so popular that we’ve added a whole new range as well as extended our existing collections. Our ‘Little Letter’ alphabet cards embrace a rich summery palette of apple greens, raspberry pinks and cornflower blues. Each card features an original collage to represent the letter, from daisies to lemurs to robots, and have such a super finish that they look beautiful when framed to spell out a name. In extending our existing Tiddly Widdly range we’ve added some cork-popping celebration wordy cards including graduation, bridal shower and driving test congratulations, with confetti, calligraphy and cars! And our Tiddly Widdly number cards have now ascended to 18. With all these newbies we needed somewhere to put them, and our friends at Wire Fittings have done a fabby-dabby job of creating a Tiddly Widdly spinner. We’ve already seen some of them in action out in shops and are so pleased with the result.  Give us a call or check out our brochure for more information on our spinner starter pack. Our welsh range has also had a summer spruce up, taking inspiration from our ‘Birds and Butterflies’ and ‘Lads Lads Lads’ ranges.

Some other highlights from our summer include our pop-up on ITV’s This Morning with the lovely Holly and Phil. They had a bountiful collection of unicorn themed gifts and featured our pink unicorn cushion, made in collaboration with the lovely people at We Love Cushions. Our German distributor, Discordia Postkarten, also went pink themed in using our shocking-pink flamingos on the front cover of their brochure.  Wowee!

So after a long hot summer we’re looking forward to the nights drawing in and cosy autumn evenings. Our resident goose, Pippi, is now full size and has her own posse with Fred and the ducks. Along with Ruby and Fig they patrol the garden making sure everything’s in order and ship shape, so we can focus on our jobs indoors.

We hope you’ve had a lovely summer, let us know what you’ve been up to. And as always do head over to our social spots for social people where you can see all the goings on!